Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

PIFON’s Vision

Farmer organisations (FOs) become a major driving force in securing financially worthwhile and sustainable livelihoods for rural households in the Pacific.

PIFON’s Mission

To make Pacific FOs more vibrant, viable and sustainable organisations.

The Underlying Philosophy Guiding PIFON’s Operations:

A regional farmer organisation network is necessary to create linkages between national FOs and to improve the flow of relevant information and resources to facilitate the participation of rural households in income earning agriculture.

PIFON Objectives:

  1. To establish a sustainable organisation with wide membership across the Pacific Islands.
  2. To raise the profile of FOs in the Pacific and give farmers a voice in regional and international forums – influencing and securing farmer driven donor support.
  3. To provide national FOs with key contacts, information and the technical expertise required to :
    • Achieve overall viability.
    • Enable its members to better participate in commercial agriculture.
    • Increase the productivity and environmental sustainability of their members farming operations.
  4. To provide farmer to farmer learning exchanges between members.

These objectives translate into three (3) broad types of activities:

  • enhancing viability and sustainability of national FOs;
  • providing practical information to member farmers to enable them to better participate in income generating activities; and,
  • providing practical information to member farmers to enable them to adopt more sustainable production practices.