Tei Tei Taveuni

Tei Tei Taveuni



TTT is located on Fiji’s 3rd largest island of Taveuni. The island produces 60-70% of Fiji’s taro for export. Smallholders producing dalo and kava together with tourism have replaced the old coconut estates as drivers of the economy on the island. The last 15-20 years has seen farmers move from subsistence towards semi-commercial farming and with it adverse effects to the environment – having the highest rate of deforestation in Fiji, unsustainable land use, decline in soil fertility, high use of chemical sprays and conventional fertilizers, water catchment problems. The farmer organization, TTT was formed in 2009 in response to these problems that threatened the livelihoods of farmers.

TTT is the national implementing agency for Fiji under the MTCP II project.

Core business

TTT’s core business is finding viable solutions to:

-Sustainable farming and soil regeneration;
-Food security and sustainable livelihood;
-Conservation and environmental awareness.


There are approximately 300 farmers and their families affiliated to the organization.


  • Soil Schools
    Conducted soil schools for farmers to educate them in the Biological Approach to farming, with the aid of the UNDP GEF program.
    Currently working with the ACIAR Soil Health project on Taveuni where its farmers are providing the practical component of the team’s findings and trials.
  • Sustainable farming
    Currently working with 40 farm groups to further their knowledge and practice of sustainable farming with the assistance of an AusAid sponsored Australian agronomist.
  • Lime production
    Initiated a task force in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture to look into the feasibility of producing lime locally, as the vital nutrient was lacking in most of the soils throughout the country.

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