Samoa Farmers Association

Samoa Farmers Association



The Samoa Farmers Association (SFA) began life in 2006 as the Samoa Crops Cooperation Association (SCCA).

The name of the association was recently changed to Samoa Farmers Association, to more correctly reflect the spread of its membership and farming interests.

Core business

SFA’s core business is helping commercially-orientated smallholder farmers to grow their business. This is achieved by providing access to key services, inputs, and technical expertise.


The SFA has an expanding membership of 300, comprising individual farming families and village groups. There are also a small but growing number of agribusiness members. The membership is spread throughout the country (Samoa Upolu, Savaii, and Manono islands) and include both crop and livestock producers.


Individual farmers do their own buying of farm inputs and selling of farm produce.  The role of SFA is to:

  • Facilitate contact with suppliers of farm inputs
  • Advise members on availability and quality of farm inputs
  • Arrange, where possible, assistance to help farmers obtain farm inputs
  • Organize events such as farm fairs where farmers may exhibit and market their produce
  • Provide advice on market conditions, requirements, and prices
  • Facilitate contact with interested buyers


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