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June 2017

PIFON 2017 Newsletter #2 now available

PIFON Newsletter 11th edition
We are at the half year mark of 2017 and are delighted to present our 2nd quarterly newsletter (Issue 11) covering the following highlights and others:
  • PIFON to host Fiji Farmers Forum
  • PIFON supported farmer-farmer exchange bears fruit for Tonga export industry
  • PIFON partners with CTA in strengthening Value Chain analysis in the Pacific
  • PNG WiA promotes solar powered agro-processor machines
You may download a copy here.

Growers Federation of Tonga plays key role in policy awareness and advocacy

GroFed is involved in policy awareness and advocacy for its smallholder farmers in Tonga
GroFed is playing a key role in creating awareness on the proposed ‘Water Bill’ in Tonga for its smallholder farmers. As the coordinator of the Agricultural Sector Growth Committee, GroFed has also coordinated with other actors in the agricultural industry to advocate Tongan legislators to reconsider the bill in its current form. If the bill is passed, growers who have invested in water supply in their own farm property will lose their rights to own and take water from their water source. This bill has been deferred by Parliament in 2016 for further public consultations.
GroFed is also actively involved in pushing for investment in farm irrigation for smallholder farmers in Tonga. Currently around 80% of farmers in Tonga are reliant solely on rain water for irrigation and GroFed feels that there is much more to be done to improve access to irrigation which will improve the quality of produce and help farmers to mitigate against natural disasters such as drought. On this issue, GroFed is working as a key member of the taskforce for agricultural irrigation which has been recently established.

May 2017

PIFON partners with CTA in strengthening value chain analysis in the Pacific

Vanuatu Pepper Value Chain analysis training, November 2014
PIFON has recently signed a contract with the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) to support the implementation of a project titled “Leveraging the Development of Local Food Crops and Fisheries Value Chains for Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”.
Under this project, PIFON will be carrying out the value chain (VC) analysis on the following nutrition-sensitive crops for domestic markets:
  • Green coconuts – Samoa
  • Pineapples – Vanuatu
  • Root crop chips - Tonga
  • Indigenous nuts – Solomon Islands
  • Fresh fruit juices - Fiji
PIFON is working with national consultants to carry out the VC analysis and then will work to pull together these national reports into the larger study.
The overall theme of this study is on linking agriculture to schools and PIFON is excited about how rural farmers can capitalize on these market opportunities and make a positive contribution to the nutritional situation.
CTA is embarking on this project with funding by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

PIFON signs contract to support Pacific Coconut Project

Drinking coconuts on sale in Melbourne, Australia. The last few decades have seen major shifts in the world demand for coconut products and CIDP aims to help better position Pacific Island nations to take advantage of these opportunities.
The coconut is undoubtedly the most important tree in the Pacific. Over the past few decades the economic significance of this important tree to the Pacific has been subject to major international shifts. With funding from the European Union, the Pacific community has recently launched a new project entitled “Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific Project” or CIDP which aims to better position Pacific Island nations to take advantage of these opportunities.
PIFON is proud to announce that it has recently signed a contract to support the CIDP over the next 16 months. Through its network, PIFON will be providing a range of expertise to CIDP to carry out market studies and value chain analysis for a range of coconut products from the region. PIFON through its national farmer organisation members will help to provide a ‘farmers perspective’ to the development of this sector in the various countries.